Bloom into brighter colors for spring


by Kate Cashwell–

About the middle of every month, I wait in anticipation for an email that reads; “Your magazine subscription is ready for download.” My favorite fashion, home décor, and fitness magazines are conveniently sent to my tablet every month. You do not have to have a subscription to the fashion magazine to notice or try any trends happening right now. With spring weather finally here, it is an exciting time to enjoy being outside, and what better way to do that then with an outfit that makes you feel cool, comfortable, and fashionable.

Here are a few trends that coincide with predictions from New York City Fashion Week that took place during October 2015:

For Men: Shorter shorts, and bright colors are two easy to wear trends. Stores are carrying shorter and brighter shorts, a trend that embraces spring colors and weather.

For Women: Unique cuts of jeans, white tops, and entire outfits made out of suede are showing up in many stores. These trends are versatile and allow for experimentation.

Two trends that men and women both share include bomber jackets and bright, striped patterns worn on anything from jewelry to entire suits. Top colors this spring include: navy, orange, white, and sequins.

My advice is to break out of the dreariness of winter and give these trends a try! Use spring-cleaning as a chance to get rid of anything you have not worn in years and take a trip to your local thrift store. While donating any unwanted clothing you may find a bomber jacket perfect to wear over a white t-shirt or with bright, colorful shorts. Find inspiration in people and places around you, stay true to yourself, and do not be afraid to experiment with any of these trends or start your own!