Wandering library workers


BLACKSBURG, Va., Feb. 29 – Ready to Help: Part of Megan Myklegard’s job as a Newman Library Student Service Team Member is manning the second floor print area to answer any questions individuals might have regarding library resources. Photo: Kate Monick

by Kate Monick–

Donning a blue T-shirt with capitalized text reading, “ASK ME!,” she has been jokingly coined one of Newman Library’s “walking information desks.” Despite its humorous nickname, the official position of “Student Service Team Member” is a university employment position available to Virginia Tech students.

Student Service Team Members provide assistance to library patrons in a variety of ways. It ranges from printing service and locating books to simply resolving any qualms or answering all inquiries.

“It ranges from whiteboard cleaning and printer refilling to furniture reorganizing or dishwashing for library events,” said Megan Myklegard, a junior marketing major who became a Student Service Team Member in 2016. “Basically, any menial task that the library needs done, we do.”

Student Service Team Members also double as staff for events hosted at Newman. The Virginia Tech Authors Recognition – an event celebrating Virginia Tech’s published authors – was held Monday, Feb. 29. Myklegard was the assistant manager of the event.

Her tasks included duties such as task distribution, frequent checkups with other employees, and assisting the setup and execution of the event. It also encompassed tasks such as organizing hor d’ouvres, setting up tables and chairs, preparing name tags, and arranging flowers and table settings.

Newman Library opened in 1955. The six-story building serves as a place to provide access to resources such as information, quiet spaces, group study spaces, printers, computers and more. According to vt.edu, the library was established in 1872 with 500 volumes. Now holding more than 2 million volumes, the Virginia Tech library is a symbol of Virginia Tech history and character. Content can be accessed physically or online.

“My favorite part of working at the library is that each day, I get to do something new and different,” said Myklegard. “I never really know what I’m in for each shift until I arrive, and so the job is really never boring.”

When asked to describe the job in three words, Student Service Team Member Sedona Whitmore described it as “easy, chill, and awesome.” She said she likes how relaxed the job can be, as well as the library itself.

But a relaxed work environment doesn’t always equate to an idle atmosphere.

“The job keeps you on your feet at all times,” said Myklegard. “Not in anticipation of what’s happening next, but literally on your feet – which can be exhausting.”

And when asked with what she would like students to know about the resources provided, Myklegard described her job in an overview as being a resource for students.

She said if students have any questions at all about the library; remember that a blue shirt will know.