VA Primaries: Who do students prefer?

Photo credit: toner via / CC BY-NC-SA

by Catie Carreras and Daron Hennessey–

With Super Tuesday around the corner, the News Feed hit the streets to gauge student anticipation for the primary election in Virginia on March 1.

Currently the lead candidates in the GOP are Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. The DNC nomination is neck and neck between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Many students found themselves without an idea of who they might be voting for in a close race between many extremely partisan candidates.

While Bernie Sanders has a large following among college-aged voters due to his platform of social reform especially in regard to student debt, only a few people had strong opinions about voting for the Vermont senator.

Although a lead contender in the race is Donald Trump, many students responded with the general answer of “Not Trump.” Trump will be visiting the New River Valley on the day before the primary election to speak at Radford University.