Debating the best pizza in Blacksburg, Va.


by Sam Jones, Lare’ Word–

It’s been a long-going debate: what is the best place to get pizza in the town of Blacksburg? Reporters Lare’ Word and Sam Jones went to Squires Student Center on the campus of Virginia Tech to hear the opinions of some students.

While responses varied between local, chain, and even a small private farm, the majority of students spoken to said Benny Marzano’s had the best pizza in Blacksburg. Home to “The Virginia Slice,” Benny’s as its better known around town, gives customers the option between a single slice of pepperoni or a single slice of cheese pizza. But don’t be fooled, these slices are larger than some whole pizzas at other locations. Benny’s also makes and delivers 36-inch “pies” for the hungrier groups.

Another favorite amongst students, Benny’s is open late night – until 3 am for those that want a midnight (or 3 am) snack on the weekend.