by Chris Barnhardt, Sarah Turner–

GotCredit / / CC BY

With the advent of the digital age, came the desire for easily accessible, mobile news.

theSkimm, a daily email newsletter, provides just that.

theSkimm arrives in subscribers’ mailboxes each morning and delivers a full summary of the latest news and information interspersed with fresh, editorial content.

The brainchild of two NBC News producers, theSkimm was created in order to save media consumers time, and to promote interest in staying up to date on newsworthy topics.

Despite common assumptions that the Millennial generation is out of touch with news and current events, recent research conducted by the Media Insight Project, found that 85 percent of millennials say that keeping up with the news is important to them.

In order to appeal to the millennial generation, 86 percent of which consume news through social media, theSkimm also regularly posts news and updates to their social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Since its 2012 launch, theSkimm has garnered over 1.5 million subscribers, proving that this method of digital news delivery is relevant and here to stay.



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