SCI/TECH: Is science going too far?

SparkFunElectronics / / CC BY

by Erin Miller, Kate O’Toole, Der’Woun Greene–

The future of our nation’s roadways will soon be revolutionized by self-driving cars.

Autonomous systems are on the rise; Senator Mark Warner said in an article from the Richmond Times Dispatch that the technology will be as groundbreaking as wireless systems were 30 years ago. These autonomous systems include air (drones), land (cars), and maritime systems and are used for commercial and military purposes.

The state of Virginia is taking strides to become a leader in autonomous systems, and Virginia Tech is a major player in the industry. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute recently completed a self-driving car and demonstrated its capabilities in Arlington in October. The Institute is involved in many projects related to autonomous systems. In addition, Virginia Tech was one of the six sites approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct unmanned aircraft research.

Today’s podcast delves into some major questions that have evolved from this recent technology, including the ethics behind self-driving cars and the implications it will have on companies such as Uber.