DIGITAL NEWS DELIVERY: Facebook evolves into a news source

Photo credit: Foter / Public Domain

by Davis Gilbert, Cody Chapel–

The method in which we get our news is ever changing in this digital age of technology, and Facebook has evolved with the times in order to stay relevant.

Facebook offers “trending” news topics on every user’s homepage, a move that is similar to Twitter’s model and keeps users updated on the biggest and most popular news stories at that specific time. Trending topics on Facebook offer users the chance to read a headline and a very short synopsis before deciding if they want to click on it and read the entire article.

Facebook is available on the go via smartphone and tablets and is a popular site to browse when users find themselves with some down time, such as riding a bus or waiting for a meeting. In this day and age, offering news on the go is essential for news outlets if they want to stay relevant in the market.

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