SPORTS: Leave it to the referees

Keith Allison / Foter / CC BY-SA

by Erin Miller, Hannah Martin, and Trey Edmunds–

When people think about sports, many elements come to mind:  the names of players, statistics, team match-ups, that one pivotal moment of the season, the outlandish calls that you can’t believe were made.  What may not come to mind, at least not right away, is how tough it must be to be a referee.

Referees must be well-versed in sports technicalities, and fast on their feet, but they must also be deferential and objective.  It’s a job that entails a plethora of criticism from sports fans, coaches and players alike.

On this week’s edition of The NewsFeed’s sports podcasts, hosts Erin Miller, Trey Edmunds and Hannah Martin discuss what they’ve witnessed referees encounter from the perspective of a friend of an NFL referee, college football player, and ESPN3 sideline reporter.  Tune in to find out what goes on behind (and in front) of the scenes, and put yourself in a referee’s shoes.