What I would tell my freshman self


Blacksburg Va., June 21, 2011 — New Beginning: My roommate (right) and I pose with a Hokie Bird in Squires Student Center during freshmen orientation. (Photo by Sandy Spicknall)

by Taylor Thesing-

Now that I am a senior at Virginia Tech, I have learned many lessons over the last three and a half years, and I have loads of advice to give to freshmen who are just now starting their journey. I have included a few below.

Start internships as soon as possible. During my time in college, I held two internships: one with Kings Dominion in the summer before my junior year and one with the CW Richmond in the summer before my senior year. I wish I would have held one right after my freshman year, or even during fall or spring semesters. Internships look great on a resume, and you can gain real-world experience and exposure in a specific field.

Get involved in as many organizations as you possibly can. With over 700 student organizations on campus, Virginia Tech offers something for everyone. I wish I would have become involved in Student Government Association (SGA) or The Collegiate Times. However, I did form many strong friendships in the organizations I joined. A school with 31,000 students can seem quite large, but joining organizations makes it feel so much smaller. See a list of all the available student organizations here.

Skip class when you are sick. Whenever I had a nasty cold, I would keep going to class, in fear of getting behind in the lecture. Not only would I get other classmates sick, I would also stay ill for a longer duration of time. I now know it is much better to take a day off to fully recover.

Call your parents at least every week. Believe it or not, parents have a lot of advice to give, and they are excited to hear stories from your college experience. When times were busy, I forgot to check in with mine. I regret not keeping them updated.